Thursday, March 22, 2012


If you think I'm going to post about the dogwood legend, you will be disappointed. Since today is Thursday and it has been a very, very long time since I have posted anything to this site, it is time for a Thankful Thursday with JC.

Today I'm thankful for relevation from my maker through the only tree in my back yard. You see recently my husband & I had twenty trees cut from our lot. Leaving only one pecan tree in the front and a tiny, mis-shapen dogwood tree in the back. This weekend the dogwood tree seemed to just explode with blossoms. I've always loved dogwood trees and have heard the legend all my life. It is a legend with no biblical support that I can find. However, it sounds good and the petals do remind me of the cross, the nail prints, the blood, the crown of thorns and the price my Saviour paid for me. Sunday afternoon when I decided to take some pictures of the dogwood, another thought came to me. Maybe, I had heard this before but it seemed new to me somehow.

Have you noticed that the dogwood blossoms always point up to heaven. To take a picture you have to be higher than the limb the blossom is on. I was stunned with amazement. From any angle all the blossoms pointed up. On my way to and from work the past few days I've been studying the dogwood trees I pass. All blossoms face up as if giving praise to their maker. Isn't that AWESOME.... TOO.... COOL.....FOR WORDS.

I crawled underneath the low branches and pointed the camera up into the tree and this is what I got. You know how you ponder things and then a relevation comes.

Later in the day, I was half thinking and half praying. Just talking to the Lord in my head, telling him about the dogwood tree as if he didn't know. I really think I heard the Lord speaking to me. The message was that I should lift my head when I praise and pray so He can see my face. I've always thought it was an act of humility to bow my head and close my eyes when I pray. Now, I'm lifting my face to Heaven in praise, adoration, and humility when I pray. Just felt like sharing this with you today on Thankful Thursday with JC.

What are you thankful for today????????

Father, God, thank You for Your still small voice that speaks so tenderly to me. I long to be obedient to You and bring You honor in all I say and do. Today I lift my hands, I lift my voice, I lift my open heart, I lift my face to You. I pray Father that each person that reads these words will know the sound of Your voice and experience the relevation, joy, grace and love that only comes from You. Amen