Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Resurrection Morning

"Jesus said to her, "Mary" John 20:16

As I reread the account of Jesus's death, burial and resurrection this week, I was so moved by the story of Mary Magdalene at the empty tomb that first Easter morning. I tried to put myself in her place and imagine losing the most precious person in the world to me. I just could not go there!!! Mary Magdalene had a great love for Jesus because she knew she had been forgiven much. She loved Him with all her heart and now He was gone!!! Her love for Him has brought her to His tomb very early in the morning. She is grieved beyond explanation and the first time Jesus spoke to her she did not recognize Him because she could not see Him through her tears. But then He spoke her name, "Mary" and she turned and saw Him. She turned...what did she turn from?...she turned from an empty tomb and looked into the face of A Risen Savior. She turned from her sorrow and pain and saw Him!!! Glory, Glory, Glory!!!

When He calls my name and I turn from emptiness, pain and sorrow, I see my Risen Savior. Jesus ask Mary Magdalene not to "cling to Him". But, unlike Mary, He invites me to cling to Him. Who else can I cling too? My heart has been so blessed by visiting with Jesus and Mary Magdaline and the empty tomb!!

Enjoy Jesus as you celebrate Easter, 2010.

"Father, I thank you that I love and serve a Risen Savior. I pray that those reading this post today will rejoice in You this Easter week and will truly experience you as the Risen Lord. In Jesus Glorious Name, I pray." Amen

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Jesus, the Teacher

"...the multitudes were amazed at His teachings; for He was teaching them as one having authority..." Matt 7:28-29

If my pastor announced that Jesus would be teaching in our service Sunday morning, I would make sure I was in my seat and ready to hear the truth He would be teaching. I know He would be teaching Grace and Truth because He is Grace and Truth. And then I am reminded that Grace and Truth is in my Bible and anytime I get alone with Him and read my Bible then He is my teacher. I do not see Him with my physical eyes...I experience Him with my spiritual eyes.

Jesus was and is the greatest teacher of all times because He taught with authority and His teachings were practical. He taught about camels and needles, sparrows and hairs on my head, logs, specks and eyes, a son and a far country, vines and branches....all to show me truths about Him and truths about me. I learn from Him because God created me to respond to truth and He is the truth.

Friends, why don't we stop a minute, open our Bible and let Jesus teach us Grace and Truth. Enjoy your time with Him...enjoy Him.

"Father, I love, adore and worship you today. Thank you for reminding me that the greatest teacher of all times is in my Bible and this same teacher lives within my heart to make His teachings real to me. Open the eyes of my understanding to see and experience You. In Jesus name, I pray." Amen

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Jesus Understands

"For we have not an high priest who cannot be touched with the feelings of our infirmities, but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin." Hebrews 4:15

Are you experiencing problems with relationships? Are you experiencing problems on your job? Are you experiencing physical or emotional pain? Have you lost a loved one to death? Talk to Jesus about it because He understands. Your friends and your family may or may not understand but Jesus understands. He has been there.

Relationships - He lived with a human family who at one time thought he was crazy. (read Mark 3:20,21). He knew what it was like to be betrayed and misunderstood. And even today He has a Bride...the Bride of Christ who occasionally cheats on Him.

Work - He was a carpenter so he knew about work and work problems. I feel sure there were times when there was no work available and times when his carpenter tools broke or wore out. His hands were probably rough and blistered.

Pain - Jesus experienced emotional and physical pain. He was mocked, rejected and ridiculed by the very ones he was ministering to. Jesus lost his earthly father...the Dad he worked with in the carpenter shop. It is possible he walked his Mom home from the funeral of her sweetheart.

Yes, my friends, Jesus understands!!!

"Father, how thankful I am for a Savior who understands and cares for me. I pray for someone reading this post who has been reminded that you have experienced the problem they are dealing with and you are there for them as they choose to trust you. In Jesus understanding name, I pray." Amen

Thursday, March 11, 2010

This is a guest post by Lianne of Socks are NOT the enemy. I was blessed by her writing and I pray that you will be as well.

Party lines

I remember an oddity of my Great-Grandparents’ and my home from when I was about 5 years old. Whenever you needed to get on the phone, you had to be cautious that you didn’t interrupt someone else’s conversation. We had something called a “party line,” which meant that the one line was shared by several households. Whenever the phone rang, you had to count how many times it rang to know which household it was for.

That’s not to say that some folks didn’t take advantage of the situation. There were some people that would pick up the phone no matter how many times it rang, just so they would know the news of the day in the neighborhood. You certainly never wanted to share anything deeply personal or scandalous over the phone, because you never knew who all was really listening to you. You also couldn’t stay on the phone for very long, since this was before call waiting, because some impatient neighbor would be pretty likely to blast a trumpet into your ear if they felt like you’d been on long enough.

Mercifully, with God, we have multiple lines of communication. We can talk directly to Him in prayer and in our thought life. We have His words communicated to us through the printed word of the Bible. As believers, we have the constant companion of the Holy Spirit dwelling within us, which guides and speaks to our souls.

Thankfully, unlike the party line system, we don’t have to wonder when we hear God speaking if it’s really for us. We are not limited by others on how long or how in-depth we get when we are speaking to Him. We never have to worry that our private business will become public knowledge when we pour out our hearts to Him. We don’t have to worry that we are interrupting someone else who might be talking to Him. There is no question that He is listening when we speak. The key is to make sure that we are listening when He speaks to us!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Our Shepherd

"We are His People and the Sheep of His Pasture." Psalm 100:3

"I am the good Shepherd" John 10:11

"He restores my soul" Psalm 23:3

Have you ever said, "I was crushed when..."? Maybe it was when you lost your job, when your child rebelled, when a friend betrayed you, when the doctor gave a devastating report or when someone on the other end of the phone line said,"I'm sorry but your loved one has passed away". Sure you were crushed...your soul (mind, will and emotions) was crushed. Where do we turn for help? We go to our Shepherd...and "He restores our soul". To restore means "to return back to the point of departure". This tells me that my Shepherd will restore my peace, my joy and my emotional energy back to where it was before I was crushed.

As I snuggle up close to the Shepherd, He will make me to lie down in green pastures as I feast on the rich Word of God. He will lead me beside still waters as I worship Him. Then, and only then, will my soul be restored to where it was before I was crushed. PRAISE, PRAISE, PRAISE!!!

"Father, I praise you as my Shepherd. I pray for someone reading this post who has lost their peace and joy because they have been crushed. Father, I ask you to minister to them and restore their soul. In Jesus Name, I pray." Amen

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


God is our den!!!

"LORD, thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations" Psalm 90:1

Today I was directed to Psalm 90 by a precious Sister Princess. Even though I read the entire Psalm my mind stuck on the first verse. The Messsage translation of Psalm 90:1 reads as follows: "God, it seems you've been our home forever." The word "home" just warms my heart.

Dr. John Phillips in his book, "Exploring the Psalms", states that the word translated "dwelling place" literally means "den." God is our den!!! I like to be invited into someone's den rather than the living room. The den is a warm, inviting room where the family gathers (most homes I go in today only have dens). I am comfortable in the den where I can kick back and be a part of the family.

Yes, I like to think of God as my den...a warm, loving God in whose loving arms I can really be at home. Praise, Praise, Praise!!!

"Father, how precious it is to be in you, where I am safe and secure, where I am loved and cared for. You truly are our dwelling place...our home...our den. I thank you and praise you in Jesus Name." Amen