Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Prayer for Haiti

"The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much" James 5:16

"Lord, I just want to THANK YOU, because this morning I woke up and knew where my children were. Because this morning my home was still standing, because this morning I am not crying because my husband, my child, my brother or sister needs to be pulled out from underneath a pile of concrete, because this morning I was able to drink a glass of water, because this morning I was able to turn on the light, because this morning I was able to take a shower, because this morning I was not plannng a funeral, but most of all I thank you this morning because I still have life and a voice to cry out for the people of Haiti. Lord, I cry out to you, the one that makes the impossible, possible, the one that turns darkness in to light. I cry out that you give those mothers strength, that you give them peace that surpasses all understanding, that you may open the streets so that help can come, that you may provide doctors, nurses, food, water, and all that they need in a blink of an eye. For all those that have lost family members, give them peace, give them hope, give them courage to continue to go on!! Protect the children and shield them with your power. I pray all this in the name of Jesus." Amen

This prayer was sent to me in an email and it so expressed the feelings of my own heart I decided to share it with you. I find comfort in knowing that Jesus loves these hurting people as much as he loves me and you. I cannot hold these little babies in my arms but He can. Friends, we may not be able to physically touch the people in Haiti but we can touch them with our prayers. Join me today in praying for the hurting people in Haiti.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The Peace of God

"And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep you hearts and minds through Christ Jesus" Philippians 4:7

Can we, as believers in Jesus Christ, expect to experience the Peace of God in our lives on a consistant basis? Think of it, day in and day out, experiencing the Peace of Almighty God!!! There is no other Peace apart of Jesus Himself...He is Peace...He is the Prince of Peace. How can we experience His Peace? Look in Verse 6 of Phil 4 "Be anxious for nothing"....friends, nothing means nothing!!! I do not need to take back what I have surrendered to Him.

Yes, friends, we can, and will, experience the Peace of God which passes all understanding, as we trust totally in Him....as we choose to "be anxious for nothing but in everything, by prayer and supplications with thankgiving, let our request be made know to Him."

"Father, I thank you for giving me your message today. There is no way to describe the joy of experiencing your Peace in these uncertain times. I earnestly pray that someone reading this post will find the Peace they are longing for today. In Jesus Peaceful name, I pray." Amen

Friday, January 8, 2010


The Dance

He entered into the room, which was filled with noise and activity. There was music, laughter, and talking. His eyes scanned the room, searching for that one whose very face caused his breath to quicken and his heart rate to increase. He loved her, yet it was more than that. He wanted her. He wanted her to be his, and not just tonight, but forever.

Then he saw her. Across the crowded room, she stood...as if she had been unknowingly waiting for him all her life. She was beautiful. No, not beautiful...she was stunning. "God, I must have her!" every fiber of his being resonated. "I want to spend my life with her. I want to love her and cherish her and hold her. I want to take care of her and spoil her."

He walked across the room, never taking his eyes off her for even a moment. The room as filled with people, but his eyes were on her alone. As he approached her, his presence caught her attention and she looked upward into his penetrating eyes. This was the moment he had longed for as long as he could remember. Gently and lovingly he spoke: "Would you care to dance?"

This is a true story. The two did begin to dance that day and they have never stopped. He asked her to marry him and she said yes. His plan is to do exactly what he intended from the beginning...to share his life with her and to love her so much that she will never regret the day she met him.

Not only is the story true, but you actually know the people involved. The one He desired is YOU. The Person who wanted you so badly is JESUS CHRIST. One day he walked into the room of this world to find YOU. He was captivated by you and determined that He would make you His own. He knew in His heart that He must have you, that He wouldn't live without you.

"We love Him because He first loved us." 1 John 4:19

(taken from the book" A Divine Invitation" by Steve McVey)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Jesus plus nothing

"For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified." 1 Cor 2:2

. It's not Jesus plus the church I attend
. It's not Jesus plus my good behavior
. It's not Jesus plus the years I taught Sunday School
. It's not Jesus plus my tithe
. It's not Jesus plus the number of verses I can quote
. It's not Jesus plus my wisdom from the latest Christian seminar
. It's not Jesus plus well-behaved children
. It's not Jesus plus the right job
. It's not Jesus plus the right spouse

It is Jesus plus NOTHING. Now, friends, that is rest!!!

"Father, how I praise you for who you are. I thank you that Jesus is my rest, my Peace, my Joy. I pray that someone reading this post today will discover you as the total source to meet their every need. In Jesus all sufficient Name, I pray."Amen