Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Showing Kindness

We are now entering the month of December....a very busy time for most of us. The month of December is also a time of giving gifts whether or not our heart is in it. I suggest that this year we give the gift of kindness. As believers, the gift of kindness Himself lives in us, just waiting to be expressed. Kindness is a "fruit of the Spirit." Gal. 5:22

Showing kindness may involve giving a wrapped gift but it may just involve being kind to someone. Kindness is "the quality of being warmhearted and considerate and humane and sympathetic". Now, friends, with the Spirit of Jesus indwelling us, we can do just that and do it with a humble and sweet attitude....we can just be Jesus to someone!!! What a privilege!!!

I think God is laying it on my heart to fill a basket with personal items for a homeless woman. I hope He is NOT because I am so busy!!!! There are homeless women out there who could use some lotion, shampoo, a new tooth brush and toothpaste and some snacks. Goodness, I am getting all excited just thinking about it. I best take myself to the thrift store and buy a basket!!!

Show Kindness and enjoy the month of December.

"Father, what a privilege it is to express your love and kindness to someone else. If someone reading this post today needs kindness shown to them, I pray you will send a caring, Jesus filled, person to them to meet that need. In Jesus, King, Loving nme, I pray." Amen

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Rose said...

Excellent idea, to give the gift of kindness. The thought of blessing a homeless person warms my heart.
I have been trying to get out of my comfort zone and walk over to people in church that I see are struggling and just hug them. It's amazing how it affects them and me.
Kindness blesses both the giver and the receiver.
Be blessed!